The Accidental Garden

When we began the renovation of our house two years ago the entire yard facing the ocean was dug up to provide access to construction vehicles and equipment. The vegetable garden at the side of the house also had to be removed to make way for the Japanese bathhouse.

We had assumed that it would grow back as a tangle of thistles and quack grass but to our delight the disturbed soil produced a treasure trove of wild flowers whose seeds had been sleeping underground for years.

Rose Campion is considered an invasive species on this island but it is relatively easy to remove and I love the contrast between the hot pink flowers and the muted green stems.

I planted the poppies over five years ago. They came up once but we hadn't seen any since.

The purple toadflax attracts hummingbirds and bees.

The foxgloves and California poppies are spectacular. (I'm not so sure about the mullen - it looks vaguely post-apocalyptic.)

With our new fence and gates in place the deer have been frozen out and Mother Nature has given us us this extraordinary "accidental" garden